Irene-Chen Shen



Contributions to IDEA:
Gansu 4 | Japan 10 | Japan 11 | South Korea 6 | South Korea 7


Bio: Irene-Chen Shen is a Ph.D student researching ontology of language, ethnicity, and identity of young Zimbabweans born and raised in post-colonial Zimbabwe, with special focuses on the phonetics and phonology of various speakers speaking English.

She obtained a Master of Science degree in Forensic Speech Science, University of York. Her dissertation is titled Accents Identification: Which Type of “Native Ear” Works Better.

Irene-Chen has proficient auditory and acoustic speech analytic skills, as well as phonetic and orthographic transcription ability, and is able to carry out complex studies of accent profiling and identification, speech perception, and production in English and Mandarin Chinese languages. For further academic information, click here.