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Pronunciation Dictionaries and Resources

  • Forvo (Look up any word in any language and hear it pronounced by a native speaker.)
  • The Free Dictionary (provides a recording of each word, pronounced in American English)
  • J.C. Wells, Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, London, Longman, 1990. (provides both American and British English pronunciations of over 40,000 words, in IPA)
  • Kenyon, John S., and Thomas A. Knott, A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English, Merriam, 1944. (revised and updated; provides pronunciation in IPA)


Recording Software

  • Audacity (a free, open-source, easy-to-use program that let’s you record and edit sound files in a variety of formats including mp3; be sure to also install LAME, essential if you are also making mp3 files)
  • WavePad (a free, open source, easy-to-use program that let’s you record and edit sound files in a variety of formats including mp3)



  • Silva Rhetoricae (The Forest of Rhetoric; a glossary of rhetorical terms and figures, compiled by Professor Gideon Burton)






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Suggested Reading

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