General American

These recordings of Comma Gets a Cure  were all made by trained speech teachers who teach some variety of Standard American or so-called General American (or Gen Am) speech for the stage. They will be useful to those interested in learning what various American speech professionals recommend as a non-regional style of American English. This will be particularly useful to students whose first language is not English. If you are a voice-and-speech professional and a native speaker of American English, and would like to add your own voice to this page, please send us your mp3 recording of the passage and a short narrative-style bio.

For instructional materials or coaching in the accents and dialects represented here, please go to Other Dialect Services.

General American 1  Eric Armstrong
General American 2  Rena Cook
General American 3  Mavourneen Dwyer
General American 4  Rinda Frye
General American 5  Joel Goldes
General American 6  Audrey Hager
General American 7  Daydrie Hague
General American 8  Jim Johnson
General American 9  Paul Meier
General American 10  Brant Pope
General American 11  Karen Ryker
General American 12  Krista Scott
General American 13  Richard Stull

Please keep in mind that this page contains recordings by trained speech teachers only and does not represent the entire collection of General American speech on IDEA. Indeed, IDEA contains dozens of subjects whose speech could be categorized as General American. For more examples of that dialect, we suggest entering “General American” or “Standard American” in the search function. And visit Wikipedia for more information.

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