How to Submit a Sample

Thank you for your interest in submitting dialect recordings and documents for publication on IDEA.

STEP ONE: Please familiarize yourself with the archive by examining several samples from the DIALECT & ACCENTS tab on the navigation bar above. Also, please read our RECORDING GUIDELINES and SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, and make sure your submission can adhere to those guidelines and standards. IDEA’s value depends upon the accuracy and completeness of the information you submit, though certain fields (phonetic transcriptions and scholarly analysis, for example) are not required. Also please keep in mind that the best IDEA subjects have lived the majority of their lives in the places they are representing and are, therefore, representative of the speech of a specific place or culture. (Please keep in mind, however, that there is no single “correct” version of a dialect or accent, and we welcome variety and diversity in all forms.)


STEP TWO: Please select one of the four options below by clicking the choice that best describes you. Please note: All subjects (even you, if you’re recording yourself) must sign and submit the LAST page of THIS FIELD RECORDING GUIDE (click to open, save, and print), and assent to the terms and conditions it outlines. (The Field Recording Guide is also accessible on the menu bar, under the “Submissions” tab.) Fill out the field guide on your own behalf if you are submitting a recording of yourself.  We will ask you to confirm this via digital signature during the online sample submission process.




Current Editor or Contributor of IDEA 

You have been appointed a senior or associate editor of IDEA, we have already published at least one of your previous submissions, and you have already submitted an associate-editor agreement. Also use this form if you wish to submit a sample of someone other than yourself, but you are NOT applying for an appointment as an associate editor.


Native Speaker / Self-Submission

You are a speaker whose natural, everyday accent/dialect will be a useful addition to IDEA, and you wish to submit a recording of yourself for publication. If you have lived in so many places that your speech is no longer representative of a particular place, culture or dialect, you might not be a good candidate for IDEA. Similarly, if you’re a foreign-language speaker and have worked to perfect your English pronunciation so much that you have “reduced” all the sounds of your original accent, you also might not be a suitable candidate for an IDEA submission.


Prospective IDEA Associate Editor (first sample)

You are submitting your FIRST SAMPLE of a subject and are interested in eventually becoming an IDEA editor.



Select this form if you are contributing to one of our SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (like Play Names & Terms), or your contribution does not fit any of three previous categories listed above.