Become an Associate Editor

As our Associate Editors and Senior Editors pages show, IDEA relies on many volunteer collaborators, working without compensation, simply for the reward of the work itself, and perhaps for the publishing credit or the consultancy opportunities it brings.

Professionals in voice, speech, dialects, linguistics, and allied disciplines, serve as the authorities on the dialects in the areas they represent, collecting the samples that form the archive. Many are available for consultancy and coaching.

Just a glance at the Global Map shows what countries/states/provinces are represented in the archive, and those still lacking a representative sample.

Senior Editors and Associate Editors undertake to contribute several samples each year until the region they represent has been fully documented.  They are also free to contribute samples from outside their own designated area and encouraged to do so.  Once they have fully documented their own area, they are expected to continue contributing from other areas, perhaps those not under the direct supervision of another associate editor.

IDEA’s editors select the speakers, record them, analyze and describe the samples, and transcribe the subjects’ speech, sometime phonetically, but more often, simply orthographically. We create personal pages for our editors where we publish their biographies, photographs, contact details, and a complete record of their publications (once we have accepted five of their contributions).

We honor active associate editors contributing in excess of forty samples with the title of Senior Editor. Senior Editors who reach retirement age, and who wish to retire from their posts, will be honored with the title Senior Editor Emeritus (or Emerita).

If you would like to join us in this exciting research and publishing activity, please read our Submission Guidelines and Recording Guidelines.

If you then feel confident that you have the skills and the dedication to undertake the responsibilities, please go to the Submissions page and fill out the PROSPECTIVE IDEA ASSOCIATE EDITOR form, at the same time sending us your first sample.

We hope to hear from you soon!