‘In a Manner of Speaking’ podcast

In a Manner of SpeakingSince 2018, In a Manner of Speaking has been entertaining and inspiring listeners each month with its discussions of everything related to the spoken word. Created and hosted by IDEA Founder and Director Paul Meier, and co-produced and occasionally co-hosted by IDEA Executive Editor Cameron Meier, the podcast tackles topics close to the heart of IDEA fans, such as accents, dialects, linguistics, film, and theatre.

Each episode features the “Guess that Accent” quiz, in which Paul plays a snippet from a recording of an IDEA subject and challenges listeners to guess where that person grew up. (The answer is revealed on the following month’s episode.)

Go here for a library of all episodes, or find them on your favorite podcast channel or index.

Eleven IDEA associate and senior editors have appeared on the podcast:

July 2024 (Episode 78): Transatlantic and Old Movie Dialects, with Barrie Kreinik
August 2021 (Episode 43): Heightened Language and Black Playwrights, with Jacqueline Springfield
March 2020 (Episode 26): Spanishes, with Micha Espinosa
February 2020 (Episode 25): Tongues of Scotland, with Ros Steen
June 2019 (Episode 17): Vocal Authority, with Rena Cook
March 2019 (Episode 14): Caribbean Voices, with Elizabeth Montoya-Stemann and Dylan Paul
January 2019 (Episode 12): The Australian Dialect of English, with Linda Nicholls-Gidley
December 2018 (Episode 11): Idiolects, with Amy Stoller
October 2018 (Episode 9): Accents and Dialects, with Jim Johnson
July 2018 (Episode 6): A Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of IDEA!
April 2018 (Episode 3): Speech of Indigenous People, with Eric Armstrong

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