Corrections & Additions

IDEA welcomes corrections and additions, both from our associate editors and the general public. If you see something on our site that you know is incorrect, such as wrong transcriptions, misspellings of place names, typos, broken links, or any other errors, please e-mail Executive Editor Cameron Meier at You may also e-mail Cameron if you have technical questions or suggestions regarding the functionality of the site.

Senior and associate editors, if you wish to correct or add more information to a sample that is already published (adding a phonetic transcription, for example), you should also e-mail Cameron Meier. If you have changed a sound file for a sample that has already been published on IDEA, please also e-mail Cameron, with the revised sound file attached.

If you questions regarding phonetic transcriptions or IPA in general, please e-mail IDEA Founder and Director Paul Meier at




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