Greece (Hellas)

Listen to people from Greece speak English in their native accent and, in some instance, Greek in their native dialect. Please select a sample from the list below.

Greece (Hellas) 1  male, 30s, 1960s, Greek, Pirgos (Pelopónnisos)
Greece (Hellas) 2  male, 35, 1968, Greece (unspecified location) & Australia
Greece (Hellas) 3  female, 18, 1988, Greek, Eion and Lefkada (or Levkas)
Greece (Hellas) 4  male, 20, 1990, Caucasian, Psachna (near Athens) & U.S.
Greece (Hellas) 5  female, 58, 1958, Greek, Athens (Patision)
Greece (Hellas) 6  female, 23, 1997, Greek, Athens

To listen to a podcast on Ancient Greek with IDEA Founder Paul Meier and Professor Rush Rehm, check out the November 2020 edition of In a Manner of Speaking. And for more information on Greece, visit Wikipedia.

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