Nadia Barnard



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Special Collections: Devon History 2 | South Africa History 1


Bio: Nadia Barnard studied speech and language therapy and audiology at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, obtaining a BLog (Communication Pathology) in 1995. A four-month stint as a locum speech therapist in the UK two years later led to an enduring fascination with the dialects of English. After working as an audiologist in private practice in Johannesburg for a number of years on her return from the UK, Nadia joined two IT companies in South Africa (the first in Pretoria and the second in Johannesburg) specializing in Human Language Technologies, with her duties ranging from audio and phonetic transcriptions, to audio recordings (sound engineering, production, and voice over), to translation (English to Afrikaans, and vice versa). Nadia has also been contracted by the University of North West as a speech technology consultant, once again contributing to projects focusing on Human Language Technology applications.

Nadia enjoys traveling, meeting people, and sharing life stories. Collecting samples for IDEA provides the perfect opportunity for her to further this enjoyment.