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Bio: Elizabeth Terrel is the Director of Voice & Speech at Western Michigan University. She holds an MFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University and a BA in Theatre Performance at San Diego State University School of Theatre Television and Film.  She is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework.  Elizabeth has taught workshops and classes in Voice, Movement, and Acting for over 15 years and performed professionally in theatre, musical theatre, cabaret, film, and voice recordings for 20+ years.  She is the owner and primary trainer for Authentic Voice Design, the creator of Terrel Core Training for Professional Voice Users, and a voice and movement trainer for the Gately-Poole Studios.  She has been a member of VASTA since 2004, served on the VASTA Diversity Committee since 2006, has published articles in the Voice and Speech Review.  Elizabeth is also a certified Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy practitioner with a background in movement studies for health and performance.


Fitzmaurice Voicework
Gately-Poole Studios
Authentic Voice Design
Terrel Core Training
Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy


Contact: ElizabethTPT@gmail.com or elizabeth.terrel@wmich.edu

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