Flloyd Kennedy



Contributions to IDEA:
England 98 | England 104 | France 12 | Scotland 22 | Scotland 26 | Brazil 10 | Australia 28 | Scotland 24


Bio: Flloyd Kennedy — Australian-born actor, singing clown, writer, director, and voice/speech/accent coach — took part in the British folk revival in the 1960s, performed street theatre, cabaret, and fringe theatre, and was founding artistic director of Golden Age Theatre (Glasgow). She performs and directs with independent theatre and film companies, and teaches voice and acting skills at colleges and universities in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. Through her teaching practice, Being in Voice, Flloyd provides coaching for student and professional actors, private individuals, and community and corporate groups. Flloyd is artistic director of Thunder’s Mouth Theatre (theatre of poetry, passion, and philosophy).


Contact: flloyd@beinginvoice.com; https://beinginvoice.com; https://flloydkennedy.com

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