General American 13

Richard Stull

This recording of Comma Gets a Cure, demonstrating the General American dialect of English, was contributed by Dr. Richard Stull in 2019. Multi-dimensional and never conventional, Richard works with selected clients in American Speech Dynamics with a specialty in the rhythms and intonations in American speech, including accent training/pronunciation (American); script writing/editing, voice-over/narration, interviewing role-playing, personal storytelling, and memoir development. His work is customized and confidential, and stresses continuity of service.

He is a certified consultant in the Compton Institute of Language and Phonology (Pronouncing English as a Second Language – PESL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  Dr. Stull is also a professional in the American Accent Training method.   He has worked with clients on five continents and dozens of countries.

Dr. Stull’s work in accent training and the rhythms of American speech complements his more than 25 years in public radio (commentary, classics literature), commercial radio (ESPN sports), podcast interviewing/reviewing (New Books Network: jazz), and performance art in addition to his 35 years of teaching in higher education.

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