Katerina Moraitis

Head of Voice, NIDA


Contributions to IDEA:
England 19 | England 20 | England 21 | England 22 | England 23 | England 24 | England 25 | England 26 | England 27


Bio: Katerina Moraitis is the Head of Voice at NIDA and was previously Course Leader of the world-renowned MA Voice Studies course at Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, as well as Head of the International Centre for Voice, a professional international forum established to serve the development of teachers of voice and speech around the globe. Katerina is currently one of the world’s leading voice and speech professionals, and has been responsible for training many actors and voice practitioners now working in Europe, Australia, and the United States. Graduates of her training are currently working at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Sydney Theatre Company, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Guildhall School of the Arts, and the University of California (San Diego), for example.

Katerina is also certified in the Lessac holistic approach to voice and body training and is one of only two Lessac Certified teachers in Australia.

Her article Unlocking the Voice inside Rochester Young Offenders: The Impact of Lessac Voice Training within a Socially Excluded Community is a knowledge-transfer project that expounds the implications of voice training on the behavior of young offenders in a socially excluded environment.


Contact: katerina.moraitis@nida.edu.au

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