Paul Meier Dialect Services

Dialect materials and instruction from Paul Meier, Founder and Director of IDEA.

Accent Help

offered by Jim Johnson, Associate Editor for Texas

Accents of English from Around the World

American Languages: Our Nation’s Many Voices

Appledore Historical Society

(sayings & idioms from a small fishing village in North Devon, England)

BBC Voices Project

(1200 recordings of British and Irish voices)

British Library: Archival Sound Recordings/Accents and Dialects.

Center for Applied Linguistics

Dialect Resource (Gillian Lane-Plescia)

Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)

International Phonetic Association (IPA)

International Phonetic Alphabet; online interactive charts with all the symbols voiced

International Phonetic Alphabet; software allows you to instantly generate IPA symbols to cut and paste into your own document. Ideal for small jobs and for those who don’t want to learn more complicated IPA keyboard programs

Knight/Thompson Speechwork

Log It! Track It! Book It! The Standard in Performer Organizational Tools

Native Languages of the Americas

Phonological Atlas of North America

Regional Dialects of American English

SIL International (Formerly Summer Institute of Linguistics)

Speech Accent Archive

Survey of English Dialects

Vincent Voice Library

Visual Accent & Dialect Archive (VADA)

Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Voice & Speech Trainers Association (VASTA)

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