Phyllis Cohen



Contributions to IDEA:
Germany 26 | Iran 15 | Morocco 1 | Serbia 3 | Serbia 4


Bio: Phyllis Cohen is a certified dialect coach based in Toronto, Canada, who trained with the prestigious Knight-Thompson Speechwork program. She’s on staff at the Professional Actors Lab in Toronto, where she teaches the intensive General American Accent Workshop. She also works independently, providing online dialect workshops, coaching actors for auditions and theatre productions, and providing accent training for immigrant actors and non-actors alike.

Before becoming a dialect coach, Phyllis was an award-winning actress and singer who toured across Canada and into the United States performing in English and French. She was also a composer of theatre and film music and taught singing for actors at York University for nine years.

Phyllis’s love of sound and the musicality of languages and accents, as well as her fascination with the voice, have come together in her work as a dialect coach. She is delighted to be associated with IDEA, which is an extraordinary resource for actors and researchers in many different fields.

Phyllis finally relented and joined the world of social media, where you can follow her on Instagram @canadianpronunciationcoach.



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