Saint Kitts History 1

The subject is a 40-year-old Afro-Caribbean man from Saint Kitts. He is the same subject as Saint Kitts and Nevis 1, so for more information on this subject, please refer to that page. Recorded by Tshari King. (00:16:59)

Here is a partial transcription:

Well, me growing up in Sandy Point, when I was a youth: Well, it was a nice area. The ghetto peoples: Dem as me friends, dem around. We used to always go to school at first; when we come from school, I had my little homework to do like sweep up the yard, or wash dishes, which in me and my sister really had like a exchange; this week, is mines to wash the dishes, and next week is her time. And this week, the other week will be, like sweep the yard and, you know? Different things.

So what I used to do is when I finish school, I come home, do what I have to do, and then I gone running up and down with my friends. Sometime when you see, sugar, uh, crop on — we used to go, and get one [leather?] and just go together and just go look cane, peel cane; if mango in, we go look mango; any food that ripe, we always go and we go and look for them. Come back, even to sell mangos. That’s what we used to do just to make a little dollar. Selling mangos, you know. …