The Cripple of Inishmaan

A well-known Dublin actress speaks the unfamiliar terms and names from the play. She is also Ireland2.

“gosawer, hedgebank, Lettermore, Johnnypateenmike, nowing, differ, fried winkles, shite, Slippy Helen, Mintios, Feck, Chocky-top drops, Rosmuck, Fripple Frapples, cheesy praitie, praitie, Jeebies, Claven, eej, eejit, beetroot paella, Leenane, “he’s for the high jump”, flat-faced child, blue-arsed fly, Osbourne, ya weed, shite-gobbed fecking bitch-fecker, The Croppy Boy, “pointing pikes on the grinding stone”, Ara, cat-besecting, grey donkey-jacket, doolally, praitie cakes, Jeebies, cod, codding, Ar”

Recorded by Paul Floortje Nijssen, 2000. Running time 00:05;06

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