The Cripple of Inishmaan

A well-known Dublin actress speaks the unfamiliar terms and names from The Cripple of Inishmaan, by Martin McDonagh. The speaker is also Ireland 2.

“gosawer, hedgebank, Lettermore, Johnnypateenmike, nowing, differ, fried winkles, shite, Slippy Helen, Mintios, Feck, Chocky-top drops, Rosmuck, Fripple Frapples, cheesy praitie, praitie, Jeebies, Claven, eej, eejit, beetroot paella, Leenane, “he’s for the high jump”, flat-faced child, blue-arsed fly, Osbourne, ya weed, shite-gobbed fecking bitch-fecker, The Croppy Boy, “pointing pikes on the grinding stone,” Ara, cat-besecting, grey donkey-jacket, doolally, praitie cakes, Jeebies, cod, codding, Ar”

Recorded by Paul Floortje Nijssen, 2000. Running time 00:05:06

For more information on the play, visit Wikipedia. And if you desire dialect coaching for this play, visit IDEA Founder and Director Paul Meier’s website.

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