Adam Lane Bergquist



Contributions to IDEA:
Alberta 5 | Alberta 6 | Alberta 7 | Alberta 8 | New York 35 | Quebec 10


Bio: Adam Lane Bergquist (MFA, FRSA) is a professional dialect coach, educator, and actor based in Canada. In addition to coaching hundreds of actors on dozens of film, theatre and video-game projects, Adam has also taught classes in acting and voice in colleges and workshops across the country. He holds an MFA in theatre and a post-graduate diploma in voice teaching from York University where he mentored under David Smukler.

As a dialect specialist, Adam is keenly interested in Canadian regional accents as well as the legacy of ancestral language on intergenerational voices. He is currently working to become more fluent in French and Mando’a (a conlang).

He is a full member of the Canadian Theatre and Film Guilds (CAEA and ACTRA) and the international Voice and Speech Trainers’ Association (VASTA). Private and corporate clients train with Adam online or in person in Vancouver or Montreal.

In his spare time, he is an avid runner, gardener, and advocate for reconciliation and sustainability. You can learn more about Adam at, where he offers various courses and services and occasionally blogs about matters relating to voice.



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