Africa first continent to be completely geo-tagged

Africa is now the first continent to have its “geo-tags” completed. A new feature of the redesigned Website, geo-tagging allows users to click on the Global Map tab and instantly see where all the subjects are from. Subjects are tagged with the location they are most identified with, which is not necessarily their place of birth or current location. In most instances, it’s the place in which they lived the longest and, therefore, shaped their accent or dialect the most. Africa is also the first continent to have all its one-line descriptions entered. One-line descriptions were a popular feature of the old Website and allowed users, at a single glance of the country/state/province page, to find out some brief information about that particular subject. We’re in the process of redoing all the one-line descriptions, to make them far more accurate and consistent. The new one-liners contain the following information, when known: gender, age, year of birth, ethnicity, and specific location with which that subject is most closely associated.

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