IDEA’s Deric McNish publishes new ebook

Congratulations to IDEA Senior Editor Deric McNish, who has just published a new ebook titled Drama in the Language Classroom: What Every ESL Teacher Needs to Know. Co-written with Carmelo Romano Gillette, the ebook weaves together cutting-edge research and practices from the fields of theater and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

The ebook provides an overview of how drama can be used in the language classroom and follows that up by presenting a collection of resources that teachers need to begin using drama, such as practical, classroom-tested and evidence-based techniques. Deric and Carmelo show how theatre games can build confidence, performing (beyond role-plays) can develop a deeper context for speaking, improvisation can create authentic opportunities for language use, para- and extra-linguistic techniques can improve expression and meaningful communication, activities such as script analysis can be used in reading and writing classes, and drama-based activities can provide a platform for examining cultural norms and practices.

Each section of the ebook includes sample activities for improving fluency and assessment suggestions.

The ebook is available on Amazon. For more information, visit, where you can also learn about workshops that are being conducted in conjunction with the launch of the ebook.

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