Black voices on IDEA

As the world re-emphasizes the importance of Black voices in society, we at IDEA are reminded of their importance to our archive. And when we say voices, we literally mean voices — as IDEA, of course, is devoted to archiving recordings of speakers of the English language from all over the globe, in their native dialect or accent.

IDEA has more than 100 subjects labeled either “Black” or “African American.” But because we leave it up to the subjects (and/or the editors and contributors who recorded the subject) to describe their ethnicity, it’s not always easy to label a subject. But perhaps labels aren’t important. Instead, it’s our goal to showcase the diversity of races, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, and dialects that the English language has to offer — however the subjects choose to identify themselves.

But we could still do a better job. Indeed, there are places, especially in the United States and Africa, where Black voices are underrepresented. So we call on all of you — IDEA editors, contributors, and especially those of you reading this who have never sent us a sample — to contribute to the diversity of IDEA.

To get started, check out our How to Submit a Sample page. You might also find our Wish List helpful, as it shows regions that are currently underrepresented.

Make YOUR voice count. Be a part of IDEA.

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