Thanks, Jill Massie

Jill Massie

You may not know this, but IDEA is entirely self-funded except for the couple of sponsors you will see to the right of this message, the occasional income from permissions fees, and simple donations. One such donor is Jill Massie, the successful dialect and speech coach, who has been making a monthly donation to IDEA for some time, in recognition of her frequent use of the archive in her own practice.

A little about Jill: She was mentored to teach actors by the renowned Ruth Sweet, and began studio teaching and on-set coaching in 1993. Some of her favorite “gigs” were dialect-coaching Sharon Stone in several films and projects, including New York-based Gloria and Tennessee-based Last Dance. She has coached numerous actors and productions on screen and stage. Some favorites are: Sir Ian Holm, Australia’s Jack Thompson, Cary Elwes, L.A.’s Good People Theater Company’s cast of A Man of No Importance, Dublin, and many more.

Jill is on staff at Copenhagen’s Panorama Academy. She coaches actors from around the world, typically on U.S. and U.K. accents. She currently has clients from North America and Europe as well as in India and Egypt.

She urges those of you who make similar use of  IDEA to join her in supporting this free resource.

Thanks, Jill!

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