Aldrin Fauni-Tanos



Contributions to IDEA:
Philippines 2 | Philippines 3 | Philippines 4 | Philippines 5 | Philippines 6 | Philippines 7 | Philippines 8 | Philippines 9 | Philippines 10 | Philippines 11 | Philippines 15


Bio: Aldrin Fauni-Tanos is a Manila-based language enthusiast, equal rights activist, and professional accent coach. He is also a writer of sorts, a heavy reader of encyclopaediae, and a history buff. He is currently studying French, German, and Spanish, and would like to pursue a degree in linguistics in the near future. He can read and write IPA, Greek, Russian Cyrillic, Korean, Anglo-Saxon runic, and Tengwar.

Aldrin is also a lover of folk art. He is an amateur Irish folk dancer and bodhrán player. His passions, evidently, are language and culture.




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