Introducing a new Australian subject

Please welcome our 34th subject from Australia. She’s a 22-year-old from Melbourne, and she submitted her own voice sample to the archive. To find out how to contribute your voice to IDEA, visit How to Submit a Sample.

2 Comments on “Introducing a new Australian subject

  1. I wonder why many native-english speakers here are caucasians? Is that some kind of intention of the editor?

  2. Thanks for your question. It’s estimated that Australia is between 75 and 90 percent Caucasian. (The disparity in numbers is due to the fact that, on the census, people can select multiple ethnicities and races.) So, just based on the fact that Australia is mostly white, it stands to reason that most of IDEA’s Australian subjects will be white.

    But based on the wording of your question, I’m guessing you are concerned about diversity on IDEA in general. At IDEA, we value variety of subjects, and that includes diversity among races, ethnicities, ages, locations, occupations, and every type of cultural background. That makes for a more valuable and authentic website. So because of that, we always encourage our all-volunteer team of editors to look for subjects whose ethnicity, race, and background are underrepresented on IDEA. However, this particular Australian subject to whom you refer was a self-submission.

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