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Bio: Geraldine Cook is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Performing Arts (Theatre) at the Faculty of the VCA and Music, The University of Melbourne, Australia. Geraldine’s experience as a teacher, actor and youth theatre director spans over 25 years in London and Melbourne. She trained in London at Middlesex University where she completed her degree in drama and education and at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where she completed a Licentiate in Voice and Speech. Further training was augmented with Patsy Rodenburg, Prunella Scales and Cicely Berry in London. Geraldine has a Masters in Education from The University of Melbourne and is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Education at the University of Melbourne.

Geraldine’s current research is entitled “Let It Out! Adapting actor vocal training techniques for the hearing impaired” a project involving 7 young adults who all use cochlear implants. This group has been funded by the Cochlear Foundation and Deaf Children Australia.

In London she worked as a drama teacher and a youth theatre director working on community and education based productions at the Half Moon and Curtain Theatres. In Melbourne, Geraldine developed, implemented and taught community based performance training for the TAFE system at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE and Swinburne University  TAFE and inaugurated a training company developing theatre in education productions for people with disabilities. Geraldine has performed in productions at La Mama, Universal, Atheneum and Anthill. Recent voice-over work has included a soundscape for the Melbourne Immigration Museum; a travelling exhibition for the centenary of Federation; an historic installation at the Melbourne Museum and ABC Radio First Person.

Geraldine’s freelance work includes working as a voice and communications consultant for the corporate and government sectors, specialising in working with people from a non-English speaking background. She specialises in accents and dialects and is an Australian associate editor for the accent and dialect website located at Kansas University. Geraldine works as a vocal/dialogue coach for the Melbourne Theatre Company, Malthouse Theatre, Red Stitch, Eleventh Hour, ABC and SBS and her most recent film work included “Ned Kelly” and “Van Diemen’s Land.”



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