Puerto Rico

Listen to people from the Caribbean territory of Puerto Rico speak English in their native accent or dialect and, in some instances, Spanish in their native dialect. (Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States.) Please select a sample from the list below. For several good examples of a New York Puerto Rican sound, see New York.

Puerto Rico 1  male, 90, 1921, Puerto Rican, Old San Juan
Puerto Rico 2  female, 57, 1954, Cuban, San Juan (and Cuba)
Puerto Rico 3  male, 57, 1954, Puerto Rican, Bayamón and San Juan
Puerto Rico 4  female, 56, 1955, Puerto Rican, San Juan
Puerto Rico 5  female, 46, 1965, Puerto Rican, San Juan
Puerto Rico 6  male, 62, 1949, Puerto Rican, Ponce (but mostly Bronx, NYC, U.S.)
Puerto Rico 7  female, 59, 1952, Puerto Rican, Ponce (and Bronx, NYC, U.S.)
Puerto Rico 8  female, 24, 1989, Puerto Rican, Cupey (San Juan) & NYC (Harlem)
Puerto Rico 9  male, 36, 1977, Puerto Rican, San Lorenzo (& NYC & San Diego, U.S.)
Puerto Rico 10  female, 34, 1982, Puerto Rican, Aibonito
Puerto Rico 11  male, 31, 1986, Puerto Rican, Bairanquitas

For more information on Puerto Rico, visit Wikipedia.

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