Rinda Frye



Contributions to IDEA:
Kentucky 3 | Kentucky 4 | Kentucky 5 | Kentucky 6 | Kentucky 7 | Louisiana 1a | Louisiana 1b | Russia 3 | Virginia 2

Special Collections: General American 4


Bio: Rinda Frye is professor emerita of acting, voice, and speech at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. (See Louisville.edu.) She was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, and emigrated to Salt Lake City, Utah, at the age of 13. After a year in Los Angeles and another in New York City, she returned to Salt Lake City to earn a BFA in acting from the University of Utah. While there, she worked as an actor for five seasons for the University of Utah Shakespeare Players. Later she co-founded and was artistic director of the Utah Shakespeare Players for another five years, where she acted and directed. She lived in Eugene, Oregon, for three years while earning a Ph.D at the University of Oregon, moving to Kentucky in 1981 to teach. She currently lives in Carrollton, a small Kentucky town between Louisville and Cincinnati.


Contact: rlfrye01@louisville.edu

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