Amin Rahman



Contributions to IDEA:
Bangladesh 4 | Bangladesh 5 | Bangladesh 6 | Bangladesh 7 | Bangladesh 8 | Bangladesh 9 | Bangladesh 10 | Bangladesh 11 | Bangladesh 12 | Bangladesh 13 | Bangladesh 14 | Bangladesh 15


Bio: Amin Rahman was born in Kolkata in 1943. He was trained and educated as an electrical engineer, and ICT and technology-management specialist. He has worked and lived for extended periods of time in Pakistan, Scotland, Bangladesh, Iraq, Venezuela, and Australia. Since retiring in 2003, he has been working as a freelance applied linguist researching English pronunciation for non-native English speakers, English as a lingua franca, and technology in the teaching of English.

Amin developed a Bengali Phonetic Alphabet (BPA) for transcribing the pronunciations of English words, employing any pronunciation standard. Subsequently he also developed HPA (Hindi Phonetic Alphabet) and PABI (Phonetic Alphabet for Bahasa Indonesia). Besides presenting at conferences and publishing research papers in journals, he has published the following books: English Pronunciation Guidebook for Bangalis (EPGB), English Pronunciation Dictionary for Bangalis (EPDB), and English Pronunciation Dictionary for Hindi Speakers (EPDH). Other books, all related to pronunciation practice, are in the pipeline.

Amin has compiled about 30,000 English words and their pronunciations in IPA. He has developed a software called IPA to L1PA Converter, which, if given the rules of conversion from IPA sounds to L1 sounds, can generate an English pronunciation dictionary for L1 speakers.



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