IDEA adds 18 new samples

IDEA has just added 18 new samples, the most since the new, improved version of the site was introduced last year. From the United States, we have New York 21 from Amy Stoller, and Oklahoma 15 and 16 from Ben Corbett. From Canada, we have Ontario 34 from Ben Corbett. And from Asia, we have Philippines 7 from Aldrin Fauni-Tanos and 13 new Chinese samples from Bill McCann. The China subjects are: Anhui 5, Gansu 3, Hebei 5, Heilongjiang 4, Jiangsu 30, Jiangsu 31, Jiangsu 32, Jiangsu 33, Jiangsu 34, Jiangsu 35, Jiangsu 36, Liaoning 3, and Xinjiang 4.

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