Tshari King



Contributions to IDEA:
Anguilla 1 | Anguilla 2 | Anguilla 3 | Antigua and Barbuda 1 | Dominica 2 | England 108 | Guyana 1 | Guyana 2 | Saint Kitts and Nevis 1 | Saint Kitts History 1 | Trinidad 8


Bio: Tshari King studied Stage Management and Technical Theatre at LAMDA, and Studio & Live Sound Engineering at Alchemea College of Audio Engineering, both in London.

With a love of voice and years of experience editing and sound designing radio drama, she is honored to be among the ranks of editors on IDEA. She spends her time divided between the UK, the Caribbean, and anywhere else in the world where she can find work, primarily working in live sound as either a monitor engineer or stage managing, with a bit of radio, theatre and English teaching on the side.


Contact: tshariking@mac.com