Sarah Maria Nichols



Contributions to IDEA:
Bahamas 1 | Bahamas 2 | Bahamas 3 | Brazil 15 | Brazil 16 | Dominica 1 | Egypt 5 | Fiji 7 | Florida 13 | Florida 14 | Florida 15 | Florida 16 | Florida 19 | Hungary 6 | Hungary 7 | Montenegro 1 | Montenegro 2 | Portugal 2 | Spain 8 | Washington 6 | Zimbabwe 3


Bio: Sarah hails from Orlando, Florida, but spent most of her childhood living in Egypt. Growing up around so many nationalities planted the seed for her love of accents and dialects, with a special fondness for Egyptian Arabic. Sarah discovered IDEA through one of her voice-and-speech professors at the Boston Conservatory and was (pleasantly) surprised to find that the Egyptian region was not represented much yet. Luckily, her parents still live in Cairo and she visits them once a year or so. She hopes to be a wealthy source of Egyptian Arabic dialect samples for IDEA, as well as for other dialects she encounters on her journeys around the world.

Sarah is a singer, dancer, and vocal captain for Royal Caribbean International. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory.