Ivan Masterov



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Bio: Ivan Masterov is a professional linguist who mainly specializes in interpretation and phonetics, i.e., pronunciation and accents of the United Kingdom. He received his higher education at the University of Orekhovo-Zuevo, majoring in both translation and interpretation with a thesis on ways of transferring gerunds and participles into Russian. In 2020, he received his master’s degree in intercultural communication, devoting his study mainly to pronunciation and its dependence on a classified British society.

Ivan has written several articles on the topics of lexicology (specifically, research on “indeed”) and phonetics (specifically the “dying-out of RP in a modern society”). He also has an advanced certificate in business English and is currently preparing for the CPE exam, which appears to be the highest for those who speak English as their second language.

“These days I make my living by teaching English and expanding its borders beyond the scientific world to the hearts of those who seek,” Ivan says. “I wish not to have anyone … feel abandoned on this rocky path toward the depth of another language like English, which is indeed the largest and most fascinating among many. I have a knack, they say, in voice-coaching, too, so I prepare students’ speech for this challenging alternation into a closer replica to English.”


Contact: vanya.masteroff@yandex.ru